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Bad Society by Jean Marc Vignolo

Album 5 songs, style melodic Metal - lyrics and instrumental

Story : Bad Society about the decline of our society, its impact on humanity, and the consequences of collective karma on individual karma

Bad Society 04:28 (instrumental)
Retribution 07:17 (lyrics)
Survive 03:59 (lyrics)
The decline 04:53 (instrumental) 
Universe 03:41 (instrumental)

Duel by Jean Marc Vignolo 

Album instrumental Guitare 10 tracks, style melodic instrumental Rock/Hard Rock

Story : The duel album is a journey highlighting the duality of oneself, at the inner and outer level, the emotional and conflicting relationship of the personality with the expression at the level of creativity serving as an evolutionary vehicle.

 Duel 4:30
The Builders (les batisseurs) 4:16
Gray and Blue 6:12
Overvoltage 4:33
Clarify 3:38
Ascent 4:56
Pursuit 4:01
Three 4:16

Deep Inside by Jean marc Vignolo 

Album 5 tracks, style musique cool, détente, méditation, musique transcendentale, mystique, ésotérique, angélique.

Story : Deep Inside is a journey to the depths of oneself, to the depths of one's being and creative energy.

Différence 4:30 (lyrics)
Eveil 5:14 (lyrics)
Gothic 3:48 (instrumental)
Inside 4:39 (instrumental)
Deep Inside 9:55 (instrumental)

Nelhrim by Jean Marc Vignolo

Album 7 tracks, style melodic instrumental Rock/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Story : Nelhrim talks about the origins of the cosmic civilization that created us and watches over us, it's a prequel to the album fondemantalis

The Gate Of Time 03:51
Nelrhim 03:59
Spirit 04:13
Not Backspace 03:44
Japanese Stories 04:44
Return 04:56
Medieval City 04:22

Reverse by Jean Marc Vignolo

Album 3 tracks, style instrumental guitare intuitive Cool Music, détente, relaxation.

Story : Reverse represents an intuitive stroll inspired by the moment

Epic 9:15
Miror 12:20
Reverse 12:47

Fondamentalis by Jean Marc Vignolo

Album 6 tracks, style melodic instrumental Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

Story : This album tells the origins of life to the present day, evolution, glory and decline of humanity

Expérimental Laboratory 03:55
Fondamentalis 05:05
Landscape Ballad 04:55
Explorateur 04:26
The march of destiny 05:48
The traveler 03:44
Simphony Of Fire 05:52
resolve 04:05
Intuition 04:10
Work in Progress 04:41